Clip Art: Butterflies

Click on a photo to go to get a larger image. These images are carefully cut out of the original pictures. The dimensions (in pixels) of the original images are given below each image. In the near future we will add new high resolution pictures here since we are photographing with a professional SRL camera (Canon 10D, 6.3 MP).

Small pearl-bor. fritillary
1700 x 1030 pix.

Marbled White
1350 x 920 pix.

Common Blue
1315 x 910 pix.

Sooty Copper
1260 x 1011 pix.

Elephant Hawk-moth
1285 x 1170 pix.

2230 x 1510 pix.

Green hairstreak
910 x 1275 pix.

Mullein (Caterpillar)
500 x 2048 pix.

Swallow-tailed Moth
2620 x 1545 pix.