About Us

Jelger Herder

Jelger was born in 1980 in Alkmaar (The Netherlands). He was already interested in nature when he was young. He especially likes birds and mammals. He went to look at birds much often when his father bought a Swarovski spotting scoop type ATHD80. He experimented with a digital camera (Kodak) by taking pictures through the spotting scoop in the summer of 2001. The results were nice, but not good enough.

Later he read about the possibilities of digiscoping on the internet. He bought a Coolpix 995 and an Eagleeye adapter to put the camera on the spotting scoop in April 2002. Since then he's always busy taking pictures. First only through the spotting scoop, but later also with the fine macro mode of the coolpix 995. In October 2002 he decided to make a homepage to share his best pictures with everyone.

After a period of digiscoping he decided it became time for professional photography. They bought a DSLR: the Canon EOS 10D. In combination with a 300 mm tele, a 150 mm macro and a 17-40 mm wide-angle results were very good. But to get a magnificent wide-angle and more megapixels that allow even larger prints they decided to buy a new DSLR: the Canon EOS 5D. The results became even better and can be viewed on this website.
Maaike Pouwels

Maaike was born in 1982 in Zaandam (The Netherlands). She is working as a schoolteacher on primary school. Since 14 January 1999 she has got a relationship with Jelger. She got used to go with him watching nature and animals. Before she met Jelger she didn't spent much time in nature, but since then she started to learn very fast. Now she especially likes to go out and discover new places with lots of animals to photograph.

In June 2006 they decided to go and live together in Nijmegen because of Jelger's work. He now works at RAVON (Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish research in the Netherlands). This became a move to a whole new environment with a lot of new places to discover.

Since they have the Canon 10D she loves to take pictures. "Do we leave?", "let's take the camera with us!"

Since 2003 we also started to work professional and since we sell pictures to magazines, books, flyers, posters and even small movies.